Certification Committee

  • To preserve the impartiality of the SCL Scheme, and to take into consideration the specific certification needs of the industry, the Committee membership is made up of 1- 5 positions filled by members proposed by SCL.


  • The individuals concerned should represent an industry sector that the SCL serves.


  • The committee shall be chaired by the managing director of SCL.


  • The primary role of SCL-nominated members is to represent the interests of SCL and ensure the preservation of the international reputation of the SCL Scheme, while the secondary role of industry-nominated members is to represent the interests of users of the SCL Scheme. See section 3 below.


  • New committee members, before attendance at a meeting, shall be provided with appropriate agenda, minutes and if required induction training to ensure that each member is familiar with the history, aims, and objectives of the committee, the respective responsibilities of SCL, and industry nominated members, and the requirements for confidentiality, impartiality, and control of vested interests.


  • All members shall sign a document detailing current requirements for confidentiality and impartiality before attending their first meeting.


  • The Committee shall appoint a vice chair. The chair and the HOD certifications shall attend meetings for reporting purposes and to ensure the preservation of the impartiality of the SCL.


  • The vice chair position is required to be filled by industry or SCL-appointed representatives, however ex-officio members.


  • The office for the committee shall be provided at the SCL office complex.

Committee members shall

  • Take such steps as are necessary to ensure that the SCL satisfies the criteria defined within 17021 and international standards covering the certification activities of its scheme(s)


  • Draft (or cause to be drafted) and approve (or seek appropriate approval) for publication and implementation, documentation necessary to provide certification services in line with the aims and objectives of SCL.


  • Review and update existing certification documentation considering changes and developments in applicable codes, standards, and regulations.


  • Maintain a level of service availability commensurate with the requirements of the industry.


  • Monitor and direct the activities of the SCL in processing applications for and awarding certification


  • At all times preserve the confidentiality of information to which they may gain access in the course of their duties.


  • Consider, decide upon, and take appropriate action to respond to any actual or perceived threats to impartiality arising from the actions of persons, bodies, or organizations, whether internal or external.


  • Take appropriate steps to ensure that SCL is never placed in a position of accepting extraordinary financial or other inappropriate inducements to the issue system.


  • Assist in developing the policies relating to impartiality of SCL certification activities.


  • Establish appropriate level and method of control activities.


  • Other tasks or duties may be assigned to the committee provided these additional tasks or duties do not compromise its essential role of ensuring impartiality.


  • If any risk threatens impartiality, then the SCL Office Manager shall conduct a risk analysis and review any residual risk to determine if it is within the level of acceptable risk. Should it be necessary the committee may be required to consult with interested parties, this shall be balanced with no single interest predominating.


  • The committee shall meet as frequently as is deemed necessary to manage the business of the department. Meetings will normally be held on at least two occasions in each calendar year. Each meeting will be convened on the authority of the chair by the Secretary with at least 10 days' notice in writing.


  • Matters to be decided at a meeting shall be supported by written documentation issued in advance of the meeting.


  • The quorum for a meeting shall be not less than one-third of the current voting members, at least 51% of whom are industry representatives, i.e., not SCL appointments or committee representatives. The committee will ordinarily work by consensus but, if a vote is necessary, matters shall be decided by a simple majority, the chair of the meeting having a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.


  • The Chair or Vice Chair shall provide a written report to each meeting. This report shall include committee recommendations for ratification by SCL, information on the implementation of the certification policy, and sufficient information to enable SCL to maintain an overview of the finances of its certification activities.


  • The Certification Technical Committee (CTC) is a sub-group of committees. CTC is concerned with technical matters relating to the certification of personnel engaged in testing, inspecting, or engineering asset management. The CTC Chair shall report to and take direction from the committee.


  • As and when required detailed technical developments and maintenance within the certification Scheme are undertaken by ad hoc industry sector working groups under the convenorship of a permanent Chair, with the support of SCL staff.

Our Committee Members

Creative Mechanics

William Jackson

WordPress Dev.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary

William Jackson

WordPress Dev.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary

William Jackson

WordPress Dev.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary

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