Quality Statement Policy

System certifications Limited (SCL) is engaged in ISO certification and training services in Nigeria. It is the intent and policy of SCL to provide services which comply with ISO_IEC_17021-1_2015 standards for conformance assessment body (CAB), contract specification and regulatory requirements. The activities of SCL demands that emphasis should be laid on fitness for purpose, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

In other to achieve this goal on quality system, the SCL places importance on the tracing and eliminating of causes of errors and problems, with plans targeted on prevention rather than correction; thus, aiming at a very low cost of quality.

The management is certain that implementing an efficient quality management system based on ISO_IEC_17021-1_2015 standards, it will not only improve the quality of operations but also bring about reduction in overall costs of rendering SCL certification services.

It is the responsibility of the management to see that the quality system requirements, work methods, procedures, codes and regulations are adhered to by all personnel. As such, the management is determined to ensure proper training and dissemination of information, instruction and philosophies to all staff.

In monitoring and assuring the implementation of the quality system as related to all company activities, Quality Assurance Manager has been appointed as management representative on all quality matters. He will be responsible to the management and will lead the Quality Management Department.

I authorize the implementation of ISO 17021 Management system Scheme (SCL-PRO-NiNAS -003) which outlines the SCL’s Operating System, designed to ensure proper implementation of the company quality programme.

Dr. Chijioke Osuji
Managing Director
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